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Alpin chalet SERVICES

For hobby chefs: do it yourself or as you would like, daily or the whole holidays, with breakfast, half board, private housekeeping or private cook
Full service-programme: fully catered chalet - private hotel ALPIN CHALET


All ALPIN CHALETs are self-catered holiday homes, but still, emphasise offering you the perfect service:
    •    At your arrival, your beds will be freshly made
    •    We provide you with 2 large bath towels and 1 face towel for each guest
    •    Each ALPIN CHALET offers a supply of washing, cosmetic and cleaning products for your convenience

You deserve to lean back and relax during your holidays. If you wish to treat yourself during your stay at your ALPIN CHALET, you can book these additional services for your group or family:

Shopping service, Private cook, Private housekeeping, Intermediate cleaning
Breakfast delivery, half board, Catering
Fully Catered Chalet
Restaurant tips & DELIVERY services


We will organise your shopping: Mail or fax us your shopping list and find your order in your fridge when you arrive at your ALPIN CHALET — this way, you can enjoy your holidays straight away. You can also order groceries and drinks, which we will deliver during your stay.


If you do not feel like cooking, our cook will be happy to prepare a delicious meal for you according to your preferences.


Our experienced housekeeping will lend you a hand with cleaning and tidying up during your stay at your ALPIN CHALET.


If you wish, we will be happy to clean your chalet during your stay.

Prices Services ALPIN CHALETS

Shopping service Euro 45.- / hour*
Private housekeeping Euro 45.- / hour*
Private cooking** Euro 70.- to 250.-
Intermediate cleaning ALPIN CHALET Classic Euro 190.-
Intermediate cleaning ALPIN CHALET large & XL Euro 250.-






* We charge at least 2 hours for each service
** Depending on qualifications and recognition



from Lumberjack

Treat yourself to a delicious snack on the large platter from the organic mountain restaurant LUMBERJACK - featuring regional organic sausage and cheese specialties, as well as homemade spreads. Perfect for a journey or a special occasion. The suppliers and producers of these regional organic delicacies are local organic farmers and regional organic artisanal producers.

We deliver these beautiful large organic snack platters for groups of 15 or more people. The Price per person is Euro 18.

Jause am Brett vom Bio-Bergrestaurant Lumberjack

Our Specialties Box


We fill a large wooden box with delicacies for you from our regional organic farmers and small organic artisanal producers.

The contents can be a special part of your breakfast, a fine snack, or a very beautiful and personal gift for cherished friends - Good Food for Good People.

  • 4 types of cheese from the Wagrain-Kleinarl Valley: Schnittiger Kleinarler, Kräuterprinz, Bio-Bert, 1 jar of Kräuterlinge - cream cheese cubes with herbs in oil
  • Farmers' ham, Fricandeau bacon, beef ham, and house sausage from organic farmers & farm butcher Schreckbauer
  • Cream cheese and Salzburg Milk butter for spreading on bread
  • 10 organic eggs from the Wagrainer Hühnerdorf at Steinbach
  • Fresh seasonal vegetables and pickles, as well as mild pepperoncini
  • A jar of honey from LUMBERJACK - Großwidmoos Apiary
  • Sourdough bread made from Tauernrye from Salzburg Lungau by organic baker Florian Steinbauer
  • Directly pressed, unfiltered fruit juices - 2 bottles of apple juice, 1 bottle of apricot nectar - from organic winemaker Müllner

The contents are sufficient for 10 to 12 people. We offer this Organic Specialties Box for Euro 120.





Would you like freshly baked bread, rolls and pastries for breakfast? During the high season (July, August and from Christmas to Easter) the local bakeries offer breakfast delivery — you will find a list of products including prices and an order list in your ALPIN CHALET.


We deliver to your ALPINE CHALET every morning: muesli, cornflakes, a fruit basket, yogurt, two different jams, honey, hazelnut spread, butter, pastries, various types of bread, two kinds of fruit juice, assorted cold cuts and cheeses, eggs, various tea varieties, cocoa, and coffee.

Breakfast buffet like in a 4-star hotel, delivered directly to your chalet.

Breakfast buffet like in a 4-star hotel, delivered directly to your chalet.


For years, we've been collaborating with professional catering services that can prepare and serve your group a delicious lunch or dinner of your choice. Vegetarian and vegan preferences are of course also taken into account.

How it works
You choose a menu for the whole group, which we will prepare and deliver to your chalet. We will set up the meals on the bar in the kitchen of your ALPIN CHALET, and you can serve yourself. You only have to put your dishes in the dishwasher; the catering dishes will be picked up and cleaned the next day. Of course, we will deliver and pickup the catering as quietly as possible.

Delivery times
We will provide the breakfast buffet and set it up at around 8 a.m and dinner at around 6 p.m. Warm dishes will be kept warm in appropriate thermo-buffet containers. Please note that we will deliver your order in a timeframe of +/- 20 minutes to provide you with an excellent service and high quality. We thank you for your understanding.

Catering Prices Per Person and day

from Max Pfeiffenberger
Alpin-Chalet Locations Filzmoos, Flachauwinkl, Flachau Kleinarl and Wagrain
Breakfast at Alpin-Chalet Euro 26,- Euro 28,-
Lunch or dinner menu Euro 41,-  Euro 45,- 
Half board Euro 61,- Euro 65,-
Festive Menus Euro 68,-  Euro 74,-


Children up to 2 years are free, from 2 to 6 years 50 % discount, from 6 to 15 years 30 % discount.

Breakfast and half-board must be ordered for all people for the whole stay in the chalet.
Lunch, dinner and Festive Menu must also be ordered for all persons in the chalet - but can be ordered by the day.

* This delivery service is available for groups of 10 or more adult guests staying in the Alpine Chalet.

** This organic catering from the organic mountain restaurant LUMBERJACK is available for groups of 15 or more adult guests staying in one of the Alpine Chalets Large in Kleinarl or one of the Alpine Chalets XL in Wagrain.



The fully catered chalet is your private hotel; a holiday home just for you, but with hotel amenities. Inspired by high-class chalets in the French Alps, our fully catered chalet is the perfect choice for sophisticated guests demanding high-class culinary and gastronomic standards.

You can only book the fully catered chalet at the ALPIN CHALET XL in Wagrain or at the ALPIN CHALET Large in Filzmoos. It is available for a minimum of 18 people on a weekly basis,  but we also offer special deals for short-term stays.

Included services at fully catered Chalet

Breakfast in your Alpine Chalet Large (7x)
Tea, coffee and cake in the afternoon (7x)
Three-course dinner accompanied by fine wine (7x)
Tidying up the chalet

RESTAURANTS & take away

Restaurant tips OberhofalmGsenghofalmLieblingsplatz and Pizzeria Pinocchio. Pizzeria Pinocchio also offers take away.  

Restaurants Alter Jagdhof, Weinstadl and Schnitzl-Eck offer takeaway food — and in the town centre, you will find various good restaurants.

Restaurant OfentürlHotel WieseneckGasthof Walchaugut and Schauphof are all located near the ALPIN CHALETs. If you want to give the illuminated natural sledge run a try at night, we recommend you to eat at the quaint Winklalm before.

In Wagrain, you can order and pick up pizza, for example at AlmMonte next to the ski lift Flying Mozart.  Marias Sonnenquartier serves scrumptious food, and at rustic Edelweiß Alm  you can try typic Austrian titbits. Bosek's offers a large vegetarian and vegan selection.

In the small village of Kleinarl we recommend Hirner’sCafé OlympiaHotel-Restaurant Guggenberger and in winter the Zirbenhof for dining out. 
Hirner’s and Café Olympia offer take away.