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Restaurant Ofentürl and die Essgalerie

From these menus you can choose. The food will be delivered freshly cooked to your ALPIN CHALET. Please make a common choice for each evening as a group. Our meals are seasonally adapted. This can lead to changes, especially in dishes with vegetables and fruit. We ask for your understanding.

Selected menu suggestions

Menu 1
Clear beef broth with pancake strips (ACFGL)
Wiener Schnitzel (escalope of pork in egg and breadcrumbs) with parsley potatoes and cranberry sauce (ACFG)
“Kaiserschmarrn” Traditional chunky-chopped pancakes served with sweet plum sauce (ACFG)

Menu 2
Cream of roll soup with horseradish (AFGL)
Roast salmon trout fillet
with almond potatoes (DFGH)
Brown bread cake with chocolate sauce (ACEFG)

Menu 3
Carrot-ginger soup (AFGLM)
„Chicken Khao Soy“ Chicken breast in red curry and coconut sauce, stir-fried vegetables & Jasmin rice (ADFGLNR)
Chocolate mousse duet (CFGH)

Menu 4
Tomato with mozzarella and basil pesto served with French bread (ACFGHO)
Lasagne al Forno (meat) with a small side salad (ACFGO)
Tiramisu made with curd cheese (ACFGHO)

Menu 5
Salzburg cream of garlic soup with croutons (ACFGLM)
Spare ribs with potato wedges, two different dips and a small side salad (ACFGLMO)
Homemade apple strudel and cream (ACEFGH)

Menu 6 - vegetarian
Potato soup with spring onions (AFGLM)
Risotto of roller barley with turnip vegetables and cheese (AFGL)
Black Forest gateaux in a glass (ACEFGHO)

Menu 7
Boiled beef with red onions in a vingear and pumkinseed oil dressing and potato spread (FGLM)
Grilled chicken breast on ratatouille with potato gratin (ACFGLO)
Panna Cotta made of tonka beans (CG)

Menu 8
Cream of Hokkaido pumpkin soup (AFGLM)
Braised beef with potato puree and root vegetables (AFGLMO)
Nut-caramel cake with sour cream (ACEFGH)

Menu 9 - vegetarian
Cream of celery soup with brown bread croutons (AFGL)
Pumpkin noodles with pumpkin seed oil and Parmesan cheese (ACDFGO)
Homemade Buchtel (warm yeast dumpling) with apricot jam (ACFG)

Menu 10
Clear beef broth with fried cheese dumpling (ACFGLM)
Deer stew with red cabbage and Serviettenknödel (white bread dumplings) (ACFGLO)
Apple bake with custard (ACFGHO)

Festive Menus
Amuse Gueule (a small taster from the kitchen)
Celery soup „Espuma“ with mini ravioli (ACFGLMO)
Three choices of main course
Fillet of beef served medium with crisp roasted vegetables and sweet potato gratin (AFGLMO) or
Veal fillet served medium with crisp roasted vegetables and sweet potato gratin (AFGLMO) or
Fillet of char & prawnswith Prosecco-risotto and mangold (ABDFGLO)
Hot chocolate cake on a bed of stewed berries (ACFGHO)
Sweet nibbles

How it works

You choose a menu for the whole group, which we will prepare and deliver to your chalet. We will set up the meals on the bar in the kitchen of your ALPIN CHALET, and you can serve yourself. You only have to put your dishes in the dishwasher; the catering dishes will be picked up and cleaned the next day. Of course, we will deliver and pickup the catering as quietly as possible.

Delivery times
We will provide the breakfast buffet and set it up at around 8 a.m and dinner at around 6 p.m. Warm dishes will be kept warm in appropriate thermo-buffet containers. Please note that we will deliver your order in a timeframe of +/- 20 minutes to provide you with an excellent service and high quality.
We thank you for your understanding.