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organic Catering - kleinarl - wagrain


From these menus you can choose. The food will be delivered freshly cooked to your ALPIN CHALET. Please make a common choice for each evening as a group. Our meals are seasonally adapted. This can lead to changes, especially in dishes with vegetables and fruit. We ask for your understanding.

100% organic, as regional as possible, seasonal and freshly cooked. Only regional meat from small organic farms with stress-free farm slaughter.
Fine community food - with knowledge and a clear conscience.

Selected menu suggestions - 3-COURSE ORGANIC MENUS
For Flexitarian, Vegetarian and Vegan

Menu 1

• Seasonal vegetable cream soup with brown bread croutons

Vienna Schnitzel from Lumberjack organic turkey or chicken  from the Meat Boutique served with parsley potatoes or potato salad and 2 dips of your choice

• Apple strudel with vanilla sauce from Café Latini

Menu 2

• Small Salad Buffet -summer leaf salads, coleslaw, styrian beans and organic herbs from the valley - cream cheese cubes in herb oil with bread from the pizza oven from Dopo Pizza

• Lentil Lasagna with tomato sauce from Halie's veggie kitchen

Kaiserschmarrn from Günther - Schmarrn Anders with roasted plums and applesauce

Menu 3

Tomato Minestrone with beans from the veggie kitchen

Rolled Roast Lumberjack Organic Turkey made by Steffen's Meat Boutique, with baked gnocchi  in vegetables

Curd Strudel with blueberries from Café Latini

Menu 4

Pancake Soup with vegetables and fresh herbs

• Char filet - Organic Fish from Maria Zell, gently fried, placed in white wine fish stock, with marinated spinach leaves and potato gratin

Fine Cheese Selection from the market stall “Bio aus dem Tal” Wagrain-Kleinarl with fruits and nuts

Menu 5

•  Waldorf Salad, celery Carrot Salad with walnuts and 2 kinds of homemade spreads with special with bread from Dopo Pizza

• Viennese goulash made of organic beef from the Meat Boutique with bread dumplings and sour cream dip

Chocolate cake with whipped cream, from Café Latini

Menu 6 - vegetarian

Cheese dumpling soup from Veggie Kitchen

Lumberjack Fried Chicken from organic chicken from Meat Boutique made by Steffen with lukewarm potato salad

• Mousse au Chocolat and biscuits from Café Latini

Menu 7

Drallie Pasta with tomato sauce from Pasta! Basta!

• Halie's Vegetable Curry served with millet patties and rice

Carrot Cake with Nuts topped with sugar cream from Café Latini

Holiday Menu with 5 courses

Greetings from Kleinarl, fine little delicacies from the local farmers “Bio aus dem Tal”

Salzburg festive soup from the Veggie Kitchen & Meat Boutique clear soup with 3 types of garnish

Jumbo Ravioli from Pasta!Basta! With ripe mountain cheese, brown butter and herb chilli oil

• Dry aged tender pink roast beef from organic beef from the Meat Boutique with gnocchi on vegetables and dip

• Small sweet Buffet of cakes & strudels with vanilla sauce, whipped cream and blueberry sauce, from Café Latini (or Schmarrn Variations from Günther – Schmarrn anders)


FURTHER MAIN DISHES FROM MEAT BOUTIQUE – according to savailability
• Beef roulades in Burgundy sauce  • Pork ribs with BBQ sauce • Poultry rolls from LUMBERJACK turkey or chicken


MAIN COURSES FROM THE VEGGIE KITCHEN - according to seasonal availability
• Fried Vegetables and/or Mushrooms  • Lentil and vegetable stew • Vegetable Curry • Millet patties • Falafel • Pumpkin and potato goulash • Jumbo Ravioli: vegetarian & vegan • Lentil Lasagne with tomato sauce


How it works

You choose a menu for the whole group, which we will prepare and deliver to your chalet. We will set up the meals on the bar in the kitchen of your ALPIN CHALET, and you can serve yourself. You only have to put your dishes in the dishwasher; the catering dishes will be picked up and cleaned the next day. Of course, we will deliver and pickup the catering as quietly as possible.

Delivery times
We will provide the breakfast buffet and set it up at around 8 a.m and dinner at around 6 p.m. Warm dishes will be kept warm in appropriate thermo-buffet containers. Please note that we will deliver your order in a timeframe of +/- 20 minutes to provide you with an excellent service and high quality.
We thank you for your understanding.